For the ultimate aerodynamic efficiency, a disc wheel is unbeatable. The Metron Disc uses unidirectional carbon fiber construction in both rim and fairings for stiffness and low weight. With aero performance optimised, ceramic bearings minimise mechanical losses. The Metron Disc is all about going fast, but slowing down is covered too with a reinforced machined braking surface. The wheel comes as a complete package including quick release, valve extenders and carbon-specific brake pads.


  • Full UD carbon fairings construction
  • 4 sealed chromoly cartridge bearings mounted on a 17mm hub axle diameter
  • Weight: 1, 050 grams

Les références

Code Type
710-0005007031 VISION WH Rear Metron Disc SL RB TUB SH11 Gray


Type Paire de roues
Fabricant VISION
Discipline PISTE
Matériel Carbone