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To give every cyclist the perfect product. This has always been our goal, whether working alongside the world's top athletes or developing components for every-day cyclists. The SC wheel range represents a cornerstone in VISION's offerings, providing exceptionally high-quality carbon products derived from the METRON family but at a highly accessible price.


Carbon rims with a refined aerodynamic 60mm profile, features a 21mm internal width with hook to achieve maximum efficiency with tubeless tires ranging from 28 to 32mm. The 24 aerodynamic spokes with a 2: 1 cross pattern are laced onto direct-pull hubs. Compared to previous versions, the weight has been reduced due to updated carbon construction, reaching 1,690gr/pair.


Aerodynamic development of rims has become a fundamental part of road wheel development. The new profiles of 60mm depths with a 21mm channel are the result of in-depth wind tunnel tests and CFD analyses aimed at finding the perfect profiles for aerodynamics, resistance to cross winds, and smooth handling.


The new SC60 evolves the concepts of previous versions and bring the latest version of VISION rims, also used in the METRON range, but with more classic and less extreme construction solutions. In particular, the carbon rim with an aerodynamic profile, available with a depth of 45 or 60mm, features a 21mm internal width with hook to achieve maximum efficiency with tubeless tires ranging from 28 to 32mm [insert tire compatibility table]. The 24 aerodynamic spokes with a 2:1 cross are laced onto direct-pull hubs. At the rear, the freehub is of the classic pawl type but in an improved version, without bearing preload adjustment but with pressure caps, to make the wheels more reliable and maintenance-friendly. Our technicians have conducted in-depth tests on the road and in the laboratory to refine the construction of the entire system, which now results in significantly higher stability and performance, both in terms of rolling and longevity. Often, this type of wheel is used with little maintenance in mind, which is why we have conducted studies on the performance decay due to usage, improving every component and coupling between parts. Even the weight, compared to previous versions, has been reduced, mainly thanks to the use of modern construction carbon, reaching 1,590g/pair for the SC45 and 1,690g/pair for the SC60.


  • Full carbon rim
  • 45 mm depth rim
  • Tubeless ready - clicher rim
  • Hubs with direct pull spokes
  • Centerlock rotor mount
  • TA-12 and X-12
  • 6 sealed cartridge bearings (2F+4R)
  • 2:1 aero bladed spokes 21F/24R
  • Artisan built, entirely by hand


Codice Tipo
710-0177111030 VISION WH Set SC60 DB-CL CH-TL SH11 B4
710-0177116030 VISION WH Set SC60 DB-CL CH-TL XDR B4


Tipo Ruote
Tecnologia Tubeless Ready
Colore Nero
Disciplina ROAD
Materiale Carbonio
Peso (gr) 1.690
Compatibilità Tubeless Ready
Compatibilità di trasmissione Shimano 9-11S, Shimano 12S, Sram 10S, Sram XD 11/12S